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  • Fills the Public-Private Partnership with Municipalities in America

  • Waste to Energy

  • Plastics Recycling

  • Waste Management

  • Blockchain Management of Microgrids

  • H2 Production and Storage

  • Grid Stabilization

  • Electricity

  • Hydrogen

  • Bio-Diesel/Jet Fuel

  • Research & Development

Godfire Energy Corporation

Waste to Energy (WTE) Projects Nationwide

Gasification Verses Waste-Burn Incinerators - Gasification Yields:

  • Less Capitalization - 1/10th cost

  • Full Automation Reduces Operating Costs

  • Less Land Required 1 Acre Needed

  • Less Water Required (Recycled)

  • Handles More Types Feedstock

  • Complete Waste Destruction/ Low Pollution - No Toxic Residue

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Toward an Equitable Energy Future

$22 Million for Marine Energy Foundational  R&D

Double exposure of Engineer with oil ref
Double exposure of Engineer with oil ref
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APS to Deliver 100% Clean, Carbon-Free, Electricity by 2050

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Short-Term Energy Outlook

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State of Waste Energy in the U S 

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Short-Term Energy Outlook

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Call us Today. Let us Assist Your Municipality in Bridging the Public-Private Partnership to Build a Local Waste to Energy Hybrid Solution for You.